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Privacy Policy of The K9 Solution of Ohio

Privacy Policy

While we respect your privacy, we keep this simple, no long hard to read policies...

On this website ( there is a single contact form which collects personal information that you, the visitor chooses to share. This information is kept private within the company and is not shared or sold to anyone outside of the company, with the exception for when legally requested by law enforcement.

This site may request to keep a "Cookie" on your machine to help us track your use of our site. There is no personal information there; it is just a unique "key" for each visitor. It is something like this: 6c2298b5213fa3948e960fca241266c4.

If you choose obtain service from us, we will request you come to the site to download a Pet Information Form to fill out. Currently this is not processed online, however when we receive the printed copy, we still only use the information within our own company.

That is pretty much it. Simple huh, any personal information we receive is only what you choose to share, and we don't re-share it to others. (again, unless per a legal request by proper authorities).

The *kinda* fine print...

Note, the following applies to just about every website you go to, it is just how the system "works" to serve up web sites and is usually out of control of individual site owners.

The server will log and store (usually for one month at the most) information related to the requests you make to it, which includes things such as:

  • The IP address you are connecting to the site's server with
  • The url of the page that directly referred you to the one currently being called*
  • The "Browser Signature" for your web browser that usually will indicate OS and version (Win 7,Mac OS 10,etc.), browser name and version*

Look, we said simple, yet there are those pesky asterisks. These indicate information that technically YOU submit to us with your request to call a page on our site. Many people do not realize this is usually automatically sent, and some virus programs and/or browsers will let you block this from sending.

A special note for the referring URL that is tracked if you do send it. This is not something that will "track everywhere you go" that people worry about. The only thing we would know about outside of our own site is the page that had a link to us that you clicked on. That's all, we don't know any other sites/pages you have been to outside of our site.

That's all. Feel free to contact us if you have questions on this. We hope we kept it simple enough!

This policy was last updated on April 14, 2013.

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