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Success Stories: Leslie, Julie & Rhys

I couldn't find you on Facebook so I'm emailing you pictures of Rhys to go with my story. The fact that he is allowed on the bed with the orange cat, named The Boy, is monumental. He has earned nearly unmonitored freedom of the house and has learned the difference from going on Julie's bed versus Not going on mine. I bought him his own first class bed and he loves it! :)

If you go to Bow Wow Beach's Facebook site you will see pics of him there as well.

Everybody loves this dog and they post pictures without me even knowing it. And finally I found a food that he will eat, probably because he is more relaxed and getting the nutrition he needs. Also I am saving up for an invisible fence for Rhys and The Boy, can you give me a quote so I can have an idea on how much I need to save. Rhys is total dog people magnet! Let me know if you want me to pass out your cards, every time I tell his story people want your card.

Thanks so much.

-Leslie, Julie & Rhys

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