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Success Stories: Leslie, Julie & Rhys (part 2)

Hi Mike, I wanted to update you on Rhys, we are both doing very well. I cannot thank you enough Mike for the time you spent with us. We are now a happy pack, and Rhys is fitting in great. As a matter of fact he is lying on the floor beside me, with special kitty is at her place on my bed.

Ever since you left he has not misbehaved and seems very willing to please. We don't seem to be misbehaving either! He is finally starting to eat; the vet did confirm that he was underweight and told us what to do and that it would take a couple of months. He actually ate a whole can of food this morning and ate it like a dog. Yeah! So, I think these are signs that he is feeling safe and happy.

I want to thank you Mike for believing in me. Our beloved Rhys goes to the dog park, doggie day care and owner/dog training every week. He lives in a home on a cul-de-sac and has a great summer in store for him. With my greatest appreciation and thanks!

-Leslie, Julie & Rhys

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