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Success Stories: Remington (Lucy)

Lucy Mike,

After we talked the other day about Lucy / Melody and the recent separation anxiety, I have decided to leave the dogs in my daughter (away at college) bedroom, with both loose. It occurred to me that part of Lucy's anxiety may have been that she was loose and Maggie the newer dog) was crated. Or possibly Maggie was upset in the crate, creating anxiety in Lucy. I have never seen Maggie anxious in the crate, but I'm not there all day. Does this make sense?

Anyway, 3 days I have put them in my daughters room, and no problem. I come home and find warm spots where they've laid on the bed together. As a backup, I am trying to introduce Lucy to the crate... she looks confused but so far with short stays in there with me in the room it has been OK.

Researching separation anxiety on line it seems like the anxious dog would begin to get agitated as I prepare to leave... we have a very set routine and she surely knows when I am about to leave. She lays calmly as I say goodbye and give her some attention and tummy rub. She does not appear to be agitated at all. Nor does she follow me around the house or even stay in the same room all the time when I am home. Not sure how to interpret that.

I will keep you posted but for now I want to see how this goes. Thanks for your help...I'd like to think this is a solution but I am not sure....but it at least is a start. I fear and suspect I'll run into another problem and will have to schedule the appointment. Lets see. Thanks for your help.


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